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Reduce the risk of formaldehyde on the floor

  • July 17, 2017 10:27 PM CDT

    Reduce the risk of formaldehyde on the floor
    Consumers in the purchase of the floor on the market, often focus all on the floor of the practicality, environmental protection, and type of style above, for the installation of wood keel, floor glue and floor mats and other accessories often do not smell ask. Floor accessories are often the key to environmental health, because the keel, floor glue and floor mats often contain a lot of formaldehyde!the classic deck of the ocean

    Most people think that only the wooden floor itself will release formaldehyde, but in the actual installation process, will use a lot of floor glue, the role of the floor glue is formed in the floor block connection film, effectively locked in the floor of free formaldehyde The Whether the floor glue itself is environmentally friendly, become the main measure of the choice of floor glue. High-quality flooring glue is expensive, many small workshop-style businesses tend to use cheap ordinary glue, and even more affordable low-quality glue, in the "brand-specific" and "all-inclusive" under the guise of logical entry into the consumer family, To environmental risks.plastic patio connected to the floor

    In addition, the skirting board is also hidden in the environmental protection "killer" one. Because most of the wooden skirting board in the production process also use formaldehyde adhesive for gluing, veneer or paint. Moreover, the surface of the skirting board can not be done as dense as the floor surface, in the normal use of the process, the free formaldehyde in the substrate is easy to unbridled release, the indoor air environment pollution.malaysian cost outdoor composite deck flooring
    Floor glue, skirting board, floor mats and so on to strengthen the composite wood flooring ingredients, accessories, through the way with the floor of the way to muddle through the profits, has become a number of flooring business habits, and this is becoming the people of the family environmental risks. Consumers in the purchase do not only pay attention to the quality of wood flooring and ignore the quality of these materials and environmental protection, for these floor 'supporting role' should also choose to meet the national environmental standards of products.outdoor tiles for porch philippines